Amrita Body Spa

Address: A-87, First Floor, Basant Kaur Marg, Malviya Nagar, Delhi, 110017
Mobile: +91 9999145218, +91 9971655238
Staff: Co-operative
Verified: This facility has been visited and verified by our team.
Price: We paid Rs. 1500/- at the counter and Rs. 1500/- to the masseuse.

We visited Amrita Body Spa, Malviya nagar branch in Delhi a couple of months ago. The location of the spa is alright, it is on one of the main streets in Malviya nagar and can be reached easily. They also have staff that can pick you up from a near by location if you call them in advance. These pick up staff are usually young boys that do it for a small tip from the customer.

The spa infrastructure is basic with average levels of cleanliness and state of art. And to be honest it is one of those places where you would primarily go for extra services rather than a sports massage or any other form of authentic massage facility. For extra service lovers we would say that you would get a decent number of masseuse options to choose from. Most of them also do body to body massage for an extra tip. Please note that what you pay at the counter is only to get access to the facility. The actual negotiation happens inside the closed chambers with the masseuse. Therefore, bargain as much as you can at the counter, once you are inside the rooms masseuse usually don’t lower their tips.

We went for the body to body massage with Rimi, it was her spa name so might not find her on your trip, but if you do then we would recommend her. She was young, soft spoken with good English and very clean in her appearance.

There website address mentioned about lists many services and also shows pictures of their rooms but they all are not from the same place.